Kick off the new journey for using Toyani beyond brand name

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  Visual Impression is key ingredient to brand, and is the very first contact with consumers.


  A highly impressive Brand Logo could last along with the products and mark in-depth memory to  consumers. Such as,when McDonald is mentioned, big capital “M” in yellow representing happiness is flipped up right away.  When CHANEL flips up, the image of self esteem, elegance and beauty pop up naturally. The apparent change on brand and/or product change usually has story behind it which may be derived from strategic adjustment or market transformation.  

Previous logo vs new logo


  The change on Toyani logo, the color of traditional “Chinese Red” remains unchanged, but added contour profile of earth and beautification of the logo, reflecting the focus on pursuance of simplicity, stylish and globalization. Meanwhile, leveraging our core competence as master of night vision technologies, to lead the industry for special night vision equipment/solutions.