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  Shenzhen TOYANI Special Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a nationally-recognized high tech enterprise, highly competent in leveraging its internally-developed core technologies in the night vision arena. Toyani designs, builds, ships and services to customers the best high-end night vision products and solutions worldwide. 
  Company night vision equipment utilize low light and near-infrared light source NV technologies. We apply a number of independently developed and patented technologies to our devices. These include (among others): miniature aspheric high transmission optical lenses, digitized auto focusing algorithms, high definition modules low-light-level night vision technology, and superior homogenization infrared light source. 
  We are one of the very few companies that possesses a full range of the key technologies required for night vision devices, and are a leader in the intelligent night vision dome camcorder industry. 
  Resulted from our own research and development, our product portfolio includes portable special night vision equipment, High-definition TV broadcasting camcorders with night vision functions, hand-held all-weather camcorders, automobile/ maritime night vision safety systems and more. The application of our products are beyond imagination, and are currently used in many industries and application environments, such as administrative, enforcement , military, police , media and outdoor expedition. 
  The Company has established a sound management system, and have been certificated for ISO9001QMS and ISO14001 EMS. All products are fully in compliance with RoHS standards and have passed various safety and regulatory requirements, including CE, FCC, and CMA. At Toyani, we are proud of being a well-recognized high-end night vision solution provider. 
  With the aim to serve customers worldwide, we have established a comprehensive network across the world. We strive to continuously enhance development competence, and to continue pursuit for technologic innovation, while strengthening our core management, and optimizing our solutions for the benefit of our customers and business partners.